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I'm new to the forum, but I've been using GM for some time. I extensively use GM to covert files from the USGS to terrain and clutter files for use with Optimi Wizard software. Is there a way to utilize the NLCD Impervious files (or others) to automatically fill the clutter adjustment file that is created when I do an Export to Optimi Clutter Grid?

I'm looking to get the clutter heights automatically inputted, hopefully no more guessing at tree heights;).


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    There's really not a good direct way to do this, but I wonder if you could import the NLCD data as a grayscale file, then export it to an 8-bit grayscale BIL file, then pull that back in and specify that it is an elevation file. Then when you do an Optimi Clutter export the elevation values (actually grayscale index values) will be written out as clutter values.

    In fact, now that I think of it what you could do is go the Palette tab of the Options dialog for the NLCD data and re-assign each color to the desired color index as a grayscale (for example if you want an Optimi clutter value of 15, set the color of the NLCD palette entry to RGB(15,15,15)). Once you have the palette setup how you want, save it so you can re-use it later. Then do the BIL export and re-load trick to get it in as elevation for export to Optimi.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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