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Current selected coordinate system in header

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Many people seem to be confused regarding changing coordinate-systems on the files themselves and the workspace. Perhaps it might be possible to add the following to the "header" of GlobalMapper for easier discover? I notice the coordinate system is displayed already in the bottom right corner. However it doesnt hurt to mention it one more time in the "header" of the GlobalMapper window:

For instance:

"GlobalMapper v11.00 - UTM32 (WGS84) - REGISTERED"


  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
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    While it wouldn't be too difficult to add up there, I'm afraid the title bar is getting short on space with the version, registered/not registered text, and especially the workspace name. I'd hate to cut any of that off just to show the projection which is already displayed in the status bar. I'm not sure that people would be more inclined to see it in the title bar rather than the status bar, which seems like a more logical place for it.


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