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How to save my contour modifications

farmer 4 ever
farmer 4 ever Global Mapper User
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Hi everyone, I am a new user of GM and I want to use it to modify my field boundaries. I create the boundaries myself using a Trimble RTK system and driving around my field. The purpose of that is to guide my tractors through the field with the Trimble system.

GM gave me the ability to modify this boundary directly on my computer screen. My only problem is when I want to export the .shp that I just change. I would like all the features of this current shp to stay the same but just the boundary modifications to change. Is that possible?

I was a bit lost because when I select export vector data --- shape file --- Then I would have to choose between area, points or line to save...

I hope I am clear enough. Thank you for helping!


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited August 2009
    Yes, by exporting to a new Shapefile any changes made will be saved to the Shapefile. Your boundary data would be either area or line data, so you might just select an export filename for both and whichever shows up is what your data was originally in.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • Frank2
    Frank2 Super Moderator
    edited August 2009
    Shapefiles can only contain one type of shape. If you only have connected lines in your GM data set, marking the boundaries of your field, you'd save this as an area. If you have multiple vector types in your data set, you'd need to do multiple saves. HTH.
  • farmer 4 ever
    farmer 4 ever Global Mapper User
    edited August 2009
    Thank you, I'll check this up. I'll have to try couple things to see if it woprks and I'll give you some news. I was exporting my shape file into lines that that could be the reason why it wasn't working.

    Well it was working actually. I could see the modifications I made into my computer on the GPS screen. The only problem is that instead of keeping my guidance format into the headland mode it would switch it to curve. I must check out the reason why it is changing.

    I can also get precise elevation readings of my fields with the GPS so I can't wait record a field and load it on GM to see the drainage problems.
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