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hi is there any way to change the default projection and datum in global mapper?

For example I only ever work in OSGB36 (so use the projection Britsh National Grid and the datum Ordnance Survey 1936) however every time I import new data i have to select these manually every time, is there a way round this?

PS. i know I can select the 'use selected projection for all selected files' box but I still always have to select it first.

using Global Mapper 10.0.2


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    If you create a default.prj file in your Global Mapper install folder then it will be used when prompting the user for what projection to use. You can save the .prj file from the Projection tab of the Configuration dialog.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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  • jamie.finneyjamie.finney Global Mapper User Posts: 2
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    thanks that works great
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