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I am preparing to do a well overdue update of the screenshots available at and thought I would ask if any of you had some great screenshots of how you use Global Mapper that you would mind having displayed on our web site. It seems that you guys are much better at coming up with fantastic looking screenshots than I am.

You can send any screenshots to


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    Hi Paul,

    You have been asking for some screenshots.
    Perhaps that one would be interesting.

    Just generated elevation model of Poland with 92 SRTM-hgt files
    plus world_adm0.shp, and world_vector_shoreline.shp

    Finally generated cross-section Nort-South along the visible line.

    The third screen comes from a trail through moderate dense forest.
    1. Global Mapper with loaded topomap + SRTM layer + USB GPS antenna
    2. One should notice just "discovered" forest patch (line from A-B). The patch doesnot exists on the topomap !
    3. Attached : cross-section of an entire patch, metadata window and Quick Point Creator,
    so one could be able to mark waypoints of a given nature using mouse-pad of his netbook.

    PLS notice:
    1. GPS attached to Global Mapper - had never lost the signal - even in more dense forest areas (antenna Holux 215 USB)
    2. In such the way I'm trying to make corrections (update) over available topomaps.

    Some other Screen Shots for Global Mapper are here:
    or here:

    Best regards

    PS. I believe, Mr Minton from
    should have some great screenshots, as he is working with GM
    and mapping islands..
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    Thank you for the screenshots. I am accumulating them and hope to update the web site later this week with some of them.


    Global Mapper Support
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    As for me it is the great news :))
    It would always be very inspiring - especially for the novices
    to see good examples of others' work, as well as to see what the soft is offering to them.

    From the other hand, good and interesting screens make people attracted with a soft, which they just wish to learn about.

    That exactly happened to me when I've "discovered" Global Mapper for the first time on the web :))
    As for me - "As much as better". Before I start to try any newly discovered soft - I do watch offered screenshots...
    and than I give up with it or not...

    Awaiting.. :

    Best Regards
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