Modifying field contours with GM

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Hi, I'm using an RTK system to guide our tractors through the fields. To make it easy to work I recorded the contours of my fields driving around them with the tractor. The problem is, doing it this way you can never get perfect contours since you can't always drive perfectly straight. That's why I have been looking for a software to modify my contours and export them into my GPS system.

I played a bit with the GM software and I could upload my own datas really easily. My problem is, I couldn't find a way to move my field contour one line at a time. When I move one line, all the others are moving at the same time.

Thank you


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    You should be able to use the Digitizer Tool in Global Mapper to select and edit individual line features, or even move individual vertices within a selected feature to reshape it.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    yeah thank you, by keeping playing with it I finally found out how to do it. That's a sweet program and there's still many things to explore.
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