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Is it possible to add a "light" easy-processing support? Ie the option to select how many processors you have (1,2,4 etc) and then when in batch mode reprojection/convert you start reproject/convert 1,2,4 number of files simultaneously? I have no idea how easy this is to implement, but it will be the same as splitting the project up into 1,2,4 pieces, opening GlobalMapper 1,2,4 times with different files loaded, and then start to batch both of them at the same time. Is this last approach possible? I have tried to open more instances of GlobalMapper for viewing, without any problems, but haven`t done several batch reprojections yet.

The reason I ask is that I have around 20 000 LAS files that needs to be converted into DEM, and it will take some time to process.

If multiprocessing is not trivial or a feature to add at the moment, perhaps an addition to the FAQ may be added about it. And perhaps how to "workaround" this. For instances start 4 instances of GlobalMapper and run batch mode on different files on all of them.

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    Adding support for processing in multiple processor support is extremely complex and could not be easily added. I would suggest just running multiple instances of Global Mapper (say one for each processor) and breaking up your conversion that way.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Ok, thanks for the good answer. Will do as suggested
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