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Okay, I was out of luck last month. Tried getting over the 1,000,000 column issue with 32bit ERMapper on a 64bit i7. Global Mapper v10 did not work either. Did a whole bunch of tests in Los Angeles at various render farms in town and tested all sorts of machines dating back to the two physical socket AMD Opterons.

I have an image of the earth (
Check it out. In its original ECW compressed resolution, it is 2,890,466 pixels wide and 1,129,736 in height). I enhanced it down from 15m to 10m. It is made up of a seamless and color balanced mosaic of 8,566 Landsat ETM+7 scenes. The uncompressed version is 11,377 GB or 11.3TB and the finished compressed version is 180GB on disk as a single ECW file.

ERMapper 7.1 could not handle it. BUT I talked with Mike and Paul and with the latest version of Global Mapper v11 x64, I am all set. It is at 7% right now on an i7 and still crunching (an i7 single socket CPU not dual or quad). It does have 8 virtual CPUs but you need to turn off Hyperthreading in the BIOS to get the machine really going here. That took 12 hours. I expect to have the finished mosaic ready before I head of to my vacation at the end of the Month.

So for all you guys and gals out there who REALLY need very large textures crunched, I would be happy to help ( or you can simply and effortlessly buy this Global Mapper v11 x64 app for a mere $350 and rest assured that the crashes will cease to exist.


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    I'm curious...
    How much RAM do you have?
    I assume you needed 12 TB storage space to create this?
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    Isn't it great! I'm also working on large mosaics. Not of the world (show off - j/k), but of the entire State of Maryland. The collection consist of over 60,000 tiles at 6" resolution. The entire collection is only about 200 GB as it is all in SID, but GM is getting it done. I'm running v11 on my Dell XPS i7 quad/8GB RAM.

    Perhaps I should try turning off HT as you suggested to improve speeds?

    Kudos to you on the mosaic. Impressive!

    What ratio are you compressing the current run?
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    A quick question I hope you can participate in (I would post it on ER Mappers forum also - however they found out their "best" customercare is to shut down the old forum, and start up a new one behind a log-in page so it is difficult to access in):

    I thought about "archiving" whole projects as ECW-files with Q=25 for "best" quality and least compression but still with a good compression-ratio. However what I recently discovered is that one of my large ECW-files are corrupt at some places so any ECW-reader crashes in some areas on some resolutions on that particular file. Do you have any advice on issues like:
    1. How to figure out if an ECW is corrupt (check all data) through an external software
    2. Is it possible to "fix" a corrupt ECW (with external software)? For instance by using data for the damaged area from a "lower resoultion" layer? Or any other methods?
    3. Arent you afraid that your large ECW-file will get corrupt some day? (for instance after copying or moving it)?
    4. Do you have any experience with merging ECWs to a larger ECW and if this reduces the quality significantly (assuming Q=25 on both input and outputfiles)?

    Nice to hear that GlobalMapper can work with very large files, however I am not surprised!
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