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I love the ability to access WMS in the current version of GM (I am using ver 11). There have been some comments about this in the past but some of the better content available as WMS on the Net is not very reliable and more important there is a trend to move this kind of data into tiled pyramids to improve performance. Aerial and sat imagery are obvious candidates for this kind of approach.

GDAL has the facility to access both WMS and more recently in the 1.7 release TMS structures. See the lower part of this page WMS -- Web Map Services. So theoretically I could setup Mapserver/GDAL to read a TMS structure then pass that on to GM as a WMS source.

Obviously I would much rather do that directly with GM. Seems to me with WMS already working, it would not be that difficult to handle the TMS structure as a special case of your current WMS where your WMS requests would be conditioned by something like the XML config files that the above document points to like

If this worked we would be able to just do an export to something like Amazon S3 as TMS structure, rather than writing the data locally, then have everybody be able to see that same export, once we make access public.


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    Global Mapper has started adding some support for tiled WMS services, although currently only known tiled WMS which are built-in sources (namely the Landsat, NED, and SRTM sources) make use of the tiled WMS (TMS). There is not currently generic support for reading any source with a TMS structure definition as a tiled source, although this should come in a later release.


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