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I have a pretty large ECW-file (10 GB) which seems to be corrupt at some places. It crashes both GlobalMapper and ER Viewer sometimes so it is not a GlobalMapper-issue really. I have two questions:

1. Does a tool to detect / try to fix corrupt ECW-files exist?
2. Can GlobalMapper not crash, but give an error that the file might be corrupt and return to the previous working view instead of shutting down completely?


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    I don't know of any tools to detect/fix bad ECW files. Something like this would probably have to come from Erdas/ERMapper.

    Unfortunately when an ECW file is corrupt the crash happens in a background thread spawned by the ECW library and not directly by Global Mapper, so I don't really have any way to gracefully catch the error as I didn't create the thread in which the problem happens. It would be nice if the ECW library would more gracefully catch these errors rather than crashing, but it doesn't.


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    Thanks for clearing things up
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