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Trouble importing .map files

planing28 Global Mapper User
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I have been trying to import a .map file with little success and am looking for some guidance.

When I try to import the .map file, I receive the following error message "The projection of the points in this OziExplorer format file could not be determined. Please choose the correct projection on the following dialog."

In the dialog box that follows I select the correct projection and then I get the next dialog box, which states " The overlay type could not be determined from the filename you selected. Please select the type of overlay you wish to view." and so I select the .map file and then I get an "error loading file" message.

Any help would be appreciated?



  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
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    Can you post the .map file or email it to so I can take a look? Are you just loading the .map file directly or are there other files that you are loading the same time? I would only expect the unknown overlay type message when a file is first attempted to load and not after being asked for the projection.


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  • planing28
    planing28 Global Mapper User
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    I have forwarded the files via e-mail.

    Thanks for the assistance!