Export slope values from DEMs

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I frequently use the export elevations for each vertex in the export simple ascii text file format. It would be really handy to be able to export slope values as well. Is this possible now? Other than exporting all my raster using slope values instead of elevations then using those rasters to export simple ascii text file format from?



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    It is not currently possible to do this directly in Global Mapper. What I would suggest is creating a simple script (or workspace, they are the same) that simply does an EXPORT_RASTER command to the Float/Grid format with slopes used, then import that file and then use EXPORT_VECTOR to export the Simple ASCII text file so that the "elevations" (i.e. slope values) come from the Float/Grid. Then you can just run that script whenever you need to this type of export and just copy the file from wherever the script creates it to your desired destination.

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