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wondering about direct pdf import, as I am in love with the registration window provided by Global Mapper. A lot of maps come from pdf sources, and I don't mean maps in the Geopdf format, just simple printed maps. Essentially it would be fantastic to be able to open them straight into GM, instead of converting them to tiff in photoshop and then importing-registerign them into GM.
I saw the Geopdf thread, but this should be more broad and encompass more than just geopdf. The vectors, if they exist in the pdf don't need to be preserved, a rasterization would be sufficient. (though obviously vector preservation would be totally cool)


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    We are planning at looking at GeoPDF for possible inclusion in the v11 release, although until we dig into it I'm not sure how difficult this will be. It may be that general PDF support will be possible when and if GeoPDF is added, but for now saving the PDF to a TIFF and the rectifying is the way to go.


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