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Map Catalog - Attribute Glitch

BSS-Don Global Mapper User
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Using Global Mapper v10.02 Build Date May 19 2009.
Having problems with the Map Catalog causing random crashes or losing any edited or attributes upon closing Global Mapper. When I edit or add attributes to point features I save the workspace and close GM then restart GM, load the workspace I just saved and everything is fine and all the attributes and edits are there. When trying to create a Map Catalog with any point features with edited attributes GM will crash and close with no warning.
If you edit or add attributes to point features first then create a Map Catalog and save the workspace everything works fine until you close GM. When I restart GM load the workspace I just saved then check the point features I previously edited all the attributes are missing. Am I just overlooking a step or two that I need to perform or is there a glitch with the Map Catalog?
What we would like to be able to do is use a GPS camera to document monuments for section corners then add attributes from underlying areas for Section, Township, Range, etc. and add links to monument records and GLO notes. One useful feature for GM would be adding the option to be able to select which attributes you want to add from underlying areas and would save a couple of steps from the current method.


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    There is a limitation with map catalogs that causes any edits to vector features (like points) in the map catalog to not be saved (we are hoping to correct this in the v11 release). So if you need to edit your data you will need to not use map catalogs.

    The crashes or hangs that you are seeing are not expected though. What exactly are you doing that causes the crash? If possible I would like to be able to reproduce the problem so that it can be fixed.


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  • BSS-Don
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    Thanks Mike. I'll run some test on a couple of different machines with some test data to see if I can track down the problem with the crashes and send that information to you as soon as possible.
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