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Is there a way to quickly digitize a lot of points from a scanned map. I have maps that contain sets of values. For instance, I have a map with maybe 400 6 values, 200 8 values and 50 10 values. I would like to click just once for each datapoint. So if it is set up that the value is 6, then I can digitize all of the 6 values over the entire map. Then I would change the input value to 8 and then digitize all of the 8 values. Any ideas? Would this be a scripting issue?


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    What I would suggest doing is creating a separate point type for each value that you want to digitize on the Point Styles tab of the Configuration dialog. For each type, setup the attribute list defaults for that type on the Point Styles tab to have an attribute for the value (say a DEPTH attribute with a value of 6, 8, or whatever is appropriate).

    Then when you digitizer the features the last selected type will be remembered, so you can just select your custom type for the depth your are digitizing, then it will just be a single left click and then a press of the OK button to digitizer all of the points. The attribute list should be automatically filled in.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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