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Good Day,

I am currently employed as a GIS Analyst in Canada with over 10 years in the field and every once in a while I like to see what kind of new software is out there to bolster our existing tool set.

During one of these expeditions I encountered GlobalMapper and thought "what the heck", let's try it out. Quite honestly our shop is spoiled with an excellent budget so I wasn't really expecting too much as we have contracts with ESRI, LEICA and FME to name a few - I was in for quite a surprise..

GlobalMapper is beyond a doubt the most flexible application for importing and exporting different filetypes I have ever seen - PERIOD.

I could carry on for quite a while justifying myself but rather I will simply offer this to anyone new who happens to stop by out of curiosity - download the demo and try it for yourself.

Excellent product and keep up the good work! You'll be seeing a PO from us in the near future.


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    You'll also find that Global Mapper has some of the best support you're likely to come across. Find an issue or a missing feature and you'll often find an update available within a day.

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    I look forward to the 64bit release.
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    You should be able to get a 64-bit release when v11 is out this summer. In fact, I just got Global Mapper building as 64-bit today (minus a few features), so it is looking good.


    Global Mapper Support
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    Just keeps getting better and better!

    Fast turnaround for implementation of new features and tools? That is most excellent as your larger competition cannot offer such things on short notice.

    Keep this up and ESRI will buy you out... :)
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    Mike keep it up!
    hehehehe don't sell GM to ????
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