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Any possibility of exporting to .wmf format? I believe windows metafiles can contain bitmaps, fonts, and vector graphics. This seems like an ideal export format, which would allow exporting a complete map for further "tweaking" in a program like CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, etc. to produce finished maps.

Or perhaps an encapsulated postscript file would provide the same function.


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    This is discussed in this post Vector PDF's - Global Mapper Forum
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    Thanks, I knew I had seen some discussion of this in the past, but couldn't find the post. However, that post is primarily focussed on GeoPDF and exporting/printing to vector based pdf files.

    I am really interested in a file export that will allow creation of cartographic quality maps using vector-based graphics software such as CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator.

    The power of Global Mapper is its ability to assemble a map by overlaying various raster and vector data. However, it isn't likely to ever contain the full set of graphics tools that dedicated vector graphics design software does, nor should it. If Global Mapper could export a file that would preserve the positioning, projection information, and layer structure, users could then open that file in graphics design software and do things like fine tune the position of labels manually, adjust color balance precisely, add effects to text, use more sophisticated line-types, gradient fills, etc.

    Instead of .emf or .eps files, perhaps a native Adobe Illustrator file (.ai) would be the ideal format. I found this link to the file specification. Its all greek to me, but maybe it would be useful to someone.

    I tried printing to an .eps file, using a Postscript printer driver. Unfortunately, this seem to rasterize everything, which defeats the purpose.
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    We have items on our todo list for WMF, PDF, and Adobe Illustrator export. I have looked at the AI format in the past and it was very complex so that is the least likely one, but WMF and PDF (through a library) should be easier. There is a pretty decent chance that one or both of those will make it into the v11 release this summer.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Cool. While playing around with CorelDraw today, I noticed that it can import .pdf files. So as long as you can support pdfs with both raster and vector objects, then that would probably work for me.

    GlobalMapper has the best software support I have ever experienced. Thanks so much.
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