Missing Data with New Computer

Roger EdrinnRoger Edrinn Global Mapper UserPosts: 721Trusted User
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I'm trying to load Global Mapper to a new computer and retire my laptop. No problem loading and registering GM, but the first file I try to load is missing most of the data.

I'm loading a GM workspace which consists of a single shapefile which I had previously exported from GM. The .gmw file is stored on my network, so both PCs are loading the exact same file. On my laptop this file loads completely and when I search for a unique feature name I get 100's of hits. On the new PC with the new GM install, I get a few dozen hits. Visually same missing features.

Is their anything in initial settings that could cause this behavior?


  • Roger EdrinnRoger Edrinn Global Mapper User Posts: 721Trusted User
    edited May 2009
    Closing Global Mapper and re-opening it and the file seems to have solved the problem. Must be the equivalent of a brain fart.
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