Elevation Data not projecting correctly

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I have imported gravity data in er mapper format from the Satellite Geodesy, IGPP, SIO, UCSD | Radar Altimetry | Marine Gravity from Satellite Altimetry website. This data grid is for the whole world.It uses a mercator, lat/long, wgs84(I think) co-ordinate ref system.
However the grid longitude values appear to go from 0-360 degrees, not -180 to +180 and the resultant display shows 1/2 the world displaying in the "correct" position ie 0 to +180 deg the eastern hemisphere. The rest of the data is displayed to the right of the eastern hemisphere data and not wrapped around to the western hemisphere as expected. It falls in a "co-ordinate out of range" area
Could you please advise how I can import the data so both eastern & western hemispheres are positioned "correctly" so I can overlay coastlines and other data


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    What you have to do is load the image twice, and then reposition one of them and shift it in the X direction by the negative of the world Mercator 360 degrees (-40030174.08 meters). I have attached a workspace file where I have done this to get the entire world to show. Just save the workspace in the same folder as your data and then load it.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Mike
    I set the false easting at 40030174.08 and all the data is now there.
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