plss shapefile - export lat-long of corner points

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i am wondering if there is any way for GM to export the lat/long of the most northwestern, NE, SE, SW corners of a particular polygon and to have that exported data in columnar CSV format with one line of data per polygon (i.e. lat/long for each corner all on one line).


name, nw-lat, nw-long, ne-lat, ne-long, se-lat....etc.
poly1, 38.1, -101.1, 38.1, -101.0, 38.0,-101.0....etc

let me clarify that my intent is to do this for each section over a wide area, so it's not possible to do it manually unless you have nothing else to do for the next week.


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    There is not any support in Global Mapper for doing something like that directly. If you are a bit of a programmer you could use the Global Mapper SDK to load your data, then scan through it yourself and find the corners and export them. Or you could even export your data to a Simple ASCII Text file, then scan through that without having to use the SDK.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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