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Is this even possible?

I've loaded up the maps of the area I'm interested in, and I'd now like to export them into on of the aforementioned format.

I've tried to go to File > Export Raster & Elevation Dat, and the only export file types GM is giving me is BIL/BIP/BSQ/ECW/Erdas/GeoTIFF/Idrisi/JPG/JPG2K/KML/KMZ/NITF/Optim Clutter Grid and PNG. I get the same list of file types if I go to File > Batch Convert, selecting ADRG/ASRP as the input types.

If I've phased the question clumsily, my apologies, I'm very new to this software, and can't seem to find a satisfactory answer in the FAQ or by searching on the forum.


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    Global Mapper does not support exporting to new ADRG/CADRG/CIB files, it only supports loading them and exporting to one of the supported export formats.


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    We think we've found a way round using the PNG exporter.

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