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I have subscribed to the RSS feed of the forum, but it does not seem to feed all posts. Is it selective?




  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Posts: 307
    edited September 2007
    Yes, right now the "feed" buttons at the top are only for the Blog not the forum. I am trying to combine the two. This would be very cool. The homepage ( would display the latest posts and threads in the forum and would allow people to comment on those which would then appear as a "reply" in the forum. It would also allow only one logon for both leaving a comment on a "blog" post and a "forum" post.

    This involves combing two databases which is probably pretty simple and straightforward but for a novice, somewhat intimidating.

    You should notice some other appearance improvements over the weekend to the forum. I have hired some "outside help" to come and tidy up the appearance of the forum so that it looks not good but great.

    I appreciate your patience as we are adding these features. (your good motivation though...customers who are requesting features that I have already been wanting really gets me going!)
  • smilesmile Global Mapper User Posts: 171Trusted User
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    Again .Fast Response . Thanks a lot.
  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Posts: 307
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    Hi Smile,

    This should be taken care of now :)
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