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hi every body!

i use sdk only to find Datum of a layer.
i work with c# in .net
but i can use global dll without registering,without use GM_SetRegistrationInfo
my project work true.

i want to ask, must i use that function???
also i can not find that function,in dll,when i use dll and reference to it in c#,
the function GM_SetRegistrationInfo
not found in functions.

please help me??????????



  • global_mapperglobal_mapper Administrator Posts: 17,238
    edited April 2009

    The C# example included with the SDK only includes a mapping of a sub-set of the functions. You would need to add a definition for the GM_SetRegistrationInfo function yourself, or just use a SDK license file which is the normal licensing mechanism for the SDK.

    However, if all you are doing is using the SDK to get a datum for a file (something the SDK does without a license), then you really don't need a SDK license.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


    Global Mapper Support
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