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Does GM always auto contrast/stretch the histogram when importing raster files? If so I really need to be able to toggle this on/off. I have not found any configuration options that deal with the viewing/importing of raster imagery.

Is it possible to have this included? (I am however only running ver 9.03 - company wont authorise an upgrade at this time!).


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    GM only automatically does contrast adjustment/stretching when loading files that have more than 8-bits per color channel. Without the auto-contrast applied at load time for those files the results are typically useless as the high-bit depth channels just get chopped to 8 bits per color channel for display rather than stretched.

    If you load raster files with 8-bits or less per color channel, contrast adjustment is not automatically performed.

    You can always turn contrast adjustment on and off as well as do lots of other things with raster layers on the Options dialog for the layer(s) available from the Control Center.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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