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Auto Calibration of Scanned Maps

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Is it possible to have the software read the coordinates for calibration ( geo referencing) with some kind of OCR capabilities? Actually manual calibration or georeferencing consumes most time. This will be useful for Scanned Topographic maps published by Govt etc .These will have Corner coordinates clearly marked in Lat Long.


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    There is little hope of any kind of OCR capabilities like you describe. If you just think about what might be involved to first be able to actually OCR the text, then determine which text corresponds to a coordinate at some particular point on the map, you will see that it is such a difficult job that a human is really required.


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    Yes. You might have seen Raster to Vector conversion software which pick up all lines and also text . of course, I am yet to use them to the full potential and also with accuracy .Even that is quite a job, I think they will have to have OCR bulit in to pick up innumerable text labels like names of roads villages etc.
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