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I searched the forum but didn't see any suggestions on printing a path profile. At the moment, it seems the options are to screen-shot it (or export the .bmp) and then paste into some program like Word and then print or to export the data and import into Excel. In some future build, would it be possible to add a feature to allow direct printing of the profile from Global Mapper?

I really like the feature in the latest build of v10 that shows real-time data of a point on the profile. That has been extremely useful for me. Another suggestion/question: is it/would it be possible to add a feature to put distance tickets on the plan view of the line? Say, add a tick every 500m or 100m? That would facilitate determine the location of features along a profile such as a borehole drilled adjacent to the cross-section.


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    Currently saving a BMP or screenshot'ing and printing are the ways to print a path profile.

    The latest build should also display a marker on the map corresponding to the cursor location on the path profile, so as you move your cursor around on the path profile you can see exactly where that is along the path profile on the map and therefore determine where other features on the map are relative to your position on the path profile.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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