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ecw shift between v9.03 and v10.02

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I have projected naip aerials to WA State Plane North NAD83 Ft ecw format using both version 9.03 and version 10.02. Both versions ecw images import to the correct locations using ESRI 9.3, fgis, and AccuGlobe 2007. This is confirmed by several gis shapefiles used for our county road system. This weekend I wanted to use Version 10.02 to perform real time gps tracking. I loaded the ecw image with a parcel lines gis shapefile. There was an approximately 30 ft shift in the aerial to the North, and 100 ft East. I loaded the same data into Global Mapper version 9.03 and the image and parcel lines were in the correct relationship. I noticed version 10.02 reports extra false northing and easting (m) in the projection window where version 9.03 does not. Again both version open in correct location in other gis apps, it's odd bringing it back into Global Mapper version 10.02 has this shift. Extra note I'm loading the both version without the prj file using ecw header information.


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    Can you provide me with a file with this issue? You can FTP it to (use a username of 'upload' and a password of 'upload'). I'm not aware of any issues like this and the extra false easting and northing should come in with 0 values.


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    Mike resolved the ecw image shift. The correction file has been posted to the daily updates. Global Mapper support is outstanding, thanks Mike
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