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I want to rectify a map with the known projection: Transverse Mercator; and Datum: WGS84. Before placing the GCPs I have to define the given projection, right? But after that, it is not possible to place the GCPs I want (Add GCP to List; as lat/lon coordinates). The message "Unable to project coordinates to selected projection. The control point will not be added to the list." is shown.

It works for coordinates in europe, for example, but not in my case in asia. 55 degree North; 95 degree East. Why do this occur? Is there any solution?

I´m working with v9.03.

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    How are you defining your Transverse Mercator projection? It sounds like the projection that you defined is too far from the lat/lon points that you are entering, making the projection from lat/lon to your defined TM projection fail. Make sure to enter the proper parameters for your TM projection, in particular the Central Meridian needs to be near your entered lat/lon points.

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    Yes, this was the mistake. I forgot to enter the central meridian.
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