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ITRF97 reference frame trouble

africker Global Mapper User
edited February 2009 in Projection Questions
I am trying to transform a shapefile in central Panama from WGS84 to ITRF1997 for a LiDAR analysis. I can't seem to load a .prj file for ITRF1997 into GMv.10.02.

Does anyone know what the practical difference between the two might be in Central America or the reason GM wouldn't read this file?


  • global_mapper
    global_mapper Administrator
    edited February 2009
    The various ITRF models and WGS84 are basically coincident to well under the 1 meter level, so no transformations are included. If you can provide me with your PRJ file I can at least treat the datum name in the PRJ file as equivalent to WGS84 s othat you can load the PRJ file.


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