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I'm trying to export a KML/KMZ from a simple DGN file. There are 9 line segments and 18 text labels (at the end points of the lines). The insertion points of the text are identical to the end points of the lines, but when I bring these in to GM (v.10) it looks like the position of the text changes. If I export back to a dgn, the insertion point of the text is no longer in the correct position.

I don't know if the problem is on the export or the import, since the text is scaled to the view in GM, not a specified unit size.

Is there something that I can do, or am I stuck with approximate text locations?



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    If you can send me the DGN file to support@globalmapper.com I can take a look. I'm guessing that the actual text point location is being maintained, it is just that the orientation of the text relative to that point is different as Global Mapper doesn't support all of the text positioning that a DGN file might contain.


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