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mohnen Global Mapper User
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I saw these awesome 3D Terrain Animations in Los Angeles at the Getty Museum and would like to introduce the site to 3D terrain animation

They have great Landsat World data and land water masks and a hi resolution cloud dataset. They have also processed and are selling XSAR SRTM data (Ceap)...



  • wavgen
    wavgen Global Mapper User
    edited June 2009
    Hello G.M. Forum!

    We are selling our 15 meter data for $4850 (world) and also broken up into regions. Excellent true RGB pan fusion datasets and less than 0.5% cloud cover.

    Ask us for a quote or about other higher resolutions. We have access and have processed data over many major cities of the earth at <<25cm ground resolution and accurate to less thn a foot.

    We also have mosaiced XSAR SRTM 30m DEM elevation data across the world.

    Send us an email at or call 310-437-3614.

    Cheers and have a great summer!
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