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3d points, lines and areas question

markh Global Mapper User
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Hi, as an absolute newb to GIS and Globalmapper, firstly I have to congratulate the dev team on a fantastic product - it's very intuitive and easy to learn!

I would like to create 3d points and lines (with the associated elevations) and have them visible (at the right elevation) in Google Earth. I am developing a flight plan for a complex surveillance application, and need a simple way to show the stakeholders what the flight plan looks like. How would I also go about creating 3d lines that span elevations (eg climb from 500ft to 1000ft over 1km on the ground)?



  • global_mapper
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    Assuming that you are wanting to create these features from scratch and don't already have a 3D file with them in them, you would need to generate a XYZ text file with your flight plan, then load it using the File->Open Generic ASCII Data File menu command as point/line/area data and with the include elevations button checked. You will then have a 3D line feature that you can export to a KML file for display in Google Earth.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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