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mjmfgmmjmfgm Global Mapper UserPosts: 161Trusted User
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Hi there,
I need help on creating a script that would change labels from a loaded Shape file in GM. i do not know if this is possible but I would save tons of time if it would be possible.

Here is what I would like to do:
I have created a US highway map for Colorado, currently I have Items like this. US Route 25, US Route 70, what I need to do is remove the Route. So It would show up like this: US 70, US 25 and so on.

Also I have items like State Route 285, State Route 85/87. Again I need to remove the "Route" and in this case the "State" as well and replace the "State and Route" with "Hwy". So it would read "Hwy 285" Hwy 85/87" and so on. And the last one would be "Interstate Route 25" and needs to say I-25 and so on.

Again I do not know if GM has this capability to do that, thanks In advance for help.
Fred :)


  • mjmfgmmjmfgm Global Mapper User Posts: 161Trusted User
    edited December 2008
    i fixed it allready, no need to create a script. Thanks please clode this ticket.
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