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Using Global Mapper in Agriculture

aswicks Global Mapper User
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I am using GM to evaluate potential erosion, both from water (irrigation) and wind, in agricultural land in the western US. Also, I use it to keep track of soil and water analysis data in association with irrigation district maps and USDA soil maps. Also, the soil maps help direct where to take samples in a field. All this aids one of my clients to focus their sales team to talk to our clients in these locations about potential problems and about the products they make that might help solve these problems.


  • daver819
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    I use Global mapper as my primary GIS system for writing manure management plans. IT displays NRCS soil maps, USGS geotiff's and maps I make myself using 2005 DOQ's as the base. I can overlay and display any resource layer that is available. I also use it in conjunction with my Farmworks sitemate software on my PDA. Farmworks files are exported to shp files that I can display and edit with Global Mapper.

    I like that it reads SID files and displays data seamlessly across different UTM projections. I am on the line between zone 15 and 16 and this is very useful.
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