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I use a lot of soil maps (Soil Data Mart - Home.) as overlays on agricultural land to help me figure out production problems. A single county soil map may contain 100 different soils that have varying characteristics. Unfortunately, the soil map numbers start at one for each county even though the #1 soils are probably not related let alone similar.

What I want to do is have the ability to import a unique set of area styles that are just for the one county map. Also, I want this external set of styles easily changed - maybe in an Excel spreadsheet where I can change style values, save it as a new file and export the set of values as a csv or something that is importable by GMScript or something. The soil areas are in .shp as boundary polygons so I can define the line color, etc, and fill by soil type. Depending on my purpose I may want a particular soil type highlighted in one map and transparent in another.

Also, I need to be able to remove the whole set at the end so I don't have the area style list completely cluttered.

Anybody know how I can do this?



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    Can you add a field to your Shapefile's DBF file that is named LAYER or GM_TYPE and then assign it a value matching an area type in Global Mapper (this includes custom types)? That way when you load the Shapefile the areas will automatically be classified as the appropriate type and then you can just change the style for those types as needed in Global Mapper.


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