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3D Riegl Z210i Laser scanner on ebay - complete - GPS, texture. software

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Complete Riegl terrestrial 3d scanner system, with colour texture, software and GPS support, on ebay:
Riegl z210i 3D laser scanner - Complete software, GPS bei Other (endet 02.01.09 09:33:03 MEZ)

auction number: 150313900031

Fantastic 3D Colour terrestrial Laserscanner to scan Landscapes, create 3D reconstructions, 3D DEMS, and do topographic, urban and open pit mine surveys. This is your chance to buy a complete system with all acquisition licenses, and processing licenses.

The scanner has a new colour option kit utilizing a Nikon D200, however you can easily install and calibrate your own camera, the high precision camera holder is ready for a nikon D300. Also the Riegl Z210i can be fitted with a FLIR unit, such as the FLIR SC6000, to create very advanced 3D thermographic surveys. The Riegl unit is very versatile, it also comes with a GPS holder, this allows the GPS recorder program in Riscan to take a position of the scanner, and calibrate that directly to the points measured, a 3D GIS couldnt have been easier. The maximal distance for the beam is 400m (with 80% reflectivity), a lot of area can be covered with a single scan. The unit also has the screw positions to be screwed onto a vehicle.

The scanner has been completely cleaned, serviced and calibrated by the Riegl Factory in Austria in july 2008, all of which are documented and these documents come with the unit. Also the colour and GPS upgrade have been added in june 2008, so all new accesories and a complete new software package for acquisition, processing and camera option are new. The camera and lenses have been factory calibrated by Riegl. All software and maintenance licenses are plastified and available with the unit. The software has a maintenance until june 2009, and after that period you can still use the software but a renewal of the license is needed for future upgrades (15% of the total cost: around 1125e for a year contract for three licenses).

Here is a list of all items that come the scanner:
1) Riegl Z210i 3D Laser scanner, range +/- 4-400m, 80 degree x 360degree, full panoramic scan:
(-) NEW calibration at the RIEGL Test Field, 07.2008, (2350E)
(-) official maintenance certificate
2) NEW high precision camera mount (1850E)
3) Nikon D200 with factory calibrated 14mm en NEW 50mm lens
4) NEW recharable NimH Battery (1250E)
5) NEW Automatic battery charger 100-240V AC (270E)
6) NEW AC connector unit (350E)
7) NEW GPS holder (295E)
8) NEW 220V Electric power supply unit (521E)
9) NEW Scanner tilt mount, new model with damped tilting mechanism in 5 degrees until +/- 90 degree (2250E) (for ceilings) !
10) NEW dry cartridge (in scanner) 28E
11) Telescope 3X 20, detachable (1200E)
12) extra base for telescopic mount (950E)
13) loose vertical mount for the scanner
14) "Heavy-duty Scanner Carrying Case" , 4 holders, wheeled, cutout foam shap for riegl z210i with manual tilt mount base, dimensions 785x520x295mm (1057E)

15) watertight Pelicase for Nikon D200, lenses, and high precision camera mount
16) tripod adapter (98 E)

All new software:
17) Riscan Pro acquisition license (03.07.2008, maintenance until 15.08.2009) (1500E )
18) Riscan Pro PLugin Camera option (03.07.2008, maintenance until 15.08.2009) (3000E)
19) Riscan Pro processing license with Dongle (03.07.2008, maintenance until 15.08.2009) (3000E )
20) NIEUW RIEGL factory calibration of the 50mm and 14mm camera lenses, 07.2008 (950E)


21) Car charging cord, in order to use the scanner from the Car cirgarette lighter , for charging the battery or continous use

Riegl Z210i Scanner specifications:
Model Name

Measurement Range
for reflectivity >80%
for reflectivity >10%
Minimum range:
Measurement resolution:
Measurement accuracy:
+/-25mm (single shot)

Vertical field of view:
Vertical angular resolution:
Vertical scan rate:
1 scan/sec to 20 scans/sec

Horizontal field of view:
Horizontal angular resolution:
Horizontal scan rate:
0.01°/sec to 15°/sec

Interface: for config & data output:
Ethernet TCP/IP, 10/100 MBit/sec
for config
RS-232, 19.2 kBd
for data output
ECP parallel port
437mm x 210mm (Length x Dia.)
approx. 13kg
Power supply voltage:
11 - 18 V DC
Current consumption @ 12V
typ. 6.5 A max 8 A

An official certificate with a declaration of ownership, licences and maintenance come with the unit. Email or call for fotoos and information: 0031718801576. All sales are final, no returns. The unit is in new condition and 100% working without any problems whatsoever, as described. Transport only insured by express courier, the unit comes in two pelicases and a box with accesories. A guarantee of good arrival in working condition is given. Payment by bank transfer, Paypal is ok, discuss the details. Considering the value of the entire unit around 80000 Euro, please offer accordingly.


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    Has anyone used Mechanic Doctor Data Logger & Code Scanner
    . . . It "displays live data such as o2 sensors, ignition timing, rpm. . ." For the ebay price, this would be one of the more affordable logger setups out there. I am interested in using this with my brothers 2g project. Has anyone used this? Are the sample rates fast enough to see knock (sudden timing drop)? Does any one know about these?
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