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I am all new to Global Mapper and need to do a View-Shed-Analysis. I have different options of data: I could use a dxf- or a map-file for free. Or I could buy a xyz-file.

I tried the dxf-file: opened in AutoCAD, it shows contour lines that has the elevation-data: when I click onto the line, I get the z-coordinate in the left bottom edge of the window. If the cursor is not hooked onto the line or if it is in the areas between the lines, it doesn't show a number for the z-coordinate, just for x and y.
I can load the file into Global Mapper but it doesn't recognize the contour-lines - it always says "No Label Wasplayer" in the left bottom of the window. And as soon as I want to perform the View Shed Analysis, the program tells me it can't find elevation data. Is there some way I can tell it that the lines have a z-coordinate?

Next file: map: I can load it into GlobalMapper without problem, just as the dxf. The good thing is that GlobalMapper recognizes the contourlines and tells me the elevation of each line in the left bottom of the window. But again - as soon as I want to perform View Shed Analysis, I get the information that there is no elevation-data available.

So is there any possibility to do the View Shed Analysis with the dxf- or the map-file? If I could avoid purchasing the (very expensive) xyz-file, I'd be sooo happy!

Thank you so much and sorry this post got so long!



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    You first need to generate an elevation grid from your data (either DXF or the other map). To do so, simply open the Control Center, right-click on the layer, then select the option to generate an elevation grid. Once that is done you should then be able to run the view shed operation.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Dear Mike,
    Such an easy way to get there! Thank you so much, I already tried your suggestion last week and everything went fine.
    I'll definitely stick around this forum as I get more used to Global Mapper - a truly VERY helpful program!
    Thanks a lot,
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