ESRI .prj file - User error, bad file or bug?

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I have a problem when loading a shape-file. FIrst of all the shape-file basically displays fine in GlobalMapper (9.02) when I specify the projection and coordinate system manaully.

Problem is the .prj file (attached).

One little thing is why I get the error message "Shape files does not contain projection information" - they actually do, sometimes, in the form of .prj files as you are probably aware. Why does GlobalMapper not just try to load the .prj file if it's there?

The real problem however comes when I try to load it by using the "Load from file" button to browse and load my .prj file. I get an error saying that "Unable to load projection from the file". So my question is
- Am I doing something wrong?
- Is the file bad (ESRI and FME products do load the file without problems)
- Is this maybe a bug in Global Mapper?

Hans Olav Nymand


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    I took a look and found that the lack of quotation marks in the PRJ file was the issue (normally there are quotes surrounding everything in PRJ files). I was able to update Global Mapper to deal with this ok so that the PRJ file could load. I have placed a new build at with the change for you to try. Simply download that file and extract the contents into your existing v9.xx installation folder to give it a try.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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