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In the documentation there's the following reference...

POLYGON_CROP_USE_ALL - specifies that if a POLYGON_CROP_FILE is specified that contains multiple polygons, the export will be cropped to all polygons in that file rather than just the best-fit polygon.

I'm just wondering if this will allow me to load in all my tiles, load in my .shp with the DOQQ rectangle vectors and then allow me to select and export all of the data defined by the sum total of all of the polygons?

I hope that makes sense...


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    Yes, if you used your .shp file as the polygon crop file, your export would be cropped to the union of all of the areas in that file.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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    Thanks Mike, I'll upgrade to version 9 ASAP :-) Really good news...
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