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I am trying to load a DGN-file (180MB). It seems that it starts to load, the memory is increasing steadily until it reaches around 985 240 kB. Then an error occurs: "Unknown error loading overlay XXX.DGN"

Is the file to big to load?

I am also trying to import the same file as XYZ (366MB) and selecting "Elevation Grid from 3rd point data". Loading ASCII Text File completes 100% and then it starts to "Gridding 3D Point DATA and Triangulating points". This says: "Unable to grid 3D points from" Not enough memory to allocate elevation grid. GenericASCIIOverlay.cpp -2355"

I have 2GB of RAM as mentioned in another post. Does this mean that the file is too large for GlobalMapper to handle?


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    It does sound like the DGN file is too large to handle in one gulp. The DGN import library that we use is unfortunately rather memory-inefficient at times, making very large files problematic.

    For gridding, I would suggest perhaps importing your XYZ data and Point/Line/Area data, then exporting it into 2 or more smaller files, then pull those in and grid them. You can probably get everything to fit into memory by doing the gridding operation in smaller pieces.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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