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does anybody know is there any possibility to define "default projection system" during opening new project. Namely, most of my projects are in TM/WGS 1984 so I would like to have predefined setup in such way.

Now, at the beginning of each session (if I didn't save workspace) I have to define projection.

I hope that you can understand what I want,

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    The default projection used in Global Mapper is typically the projection of the first loaded file. The exception is if you start to Digitize new features without anything loaded, then it will automatically get set to Geographic/WGS84 or if you manually change the projection yourself prior to loading something.

    One thing you might do is start Global Mapper, setup the projection that you want, then save a workspace file. Then, edit your shortcut to Global Mapper and make the workspace filename be passed as a parameter to Global Mapper. This would then cause your selected projection to be automatically selected as the default projection.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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