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Is it possible to add a feature (Right click on a image file) and then have something similar to "Create Area Feature"? Then this vector area can be used in exports to export only parts of the image. Would also be nice to have an option when exporting to match the area name.


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    You can create area features from the bounds of selected layers in the Overlay Control Center by right-clicking on the layers there and selecting the appropriate option. Is this what you are after?


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    Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. I can even select multiple layers, generate an area and then batch reproject/export.

    I have now loaded all my images, and created area features. They show up nicely in GlobalMapper. However when I want to export I can not export each single area selected. Is it possible to add an option int the "Grid Layout" to "Use Areas" That will clip each output image to all the areas that are selected?
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