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I am trying to theme my Contour Layer. I want to be able to say all contours with Elevation 300m should draw as green lines. Summarily, I want to set display style based on the attribute value. Since I am using the SDK, all I have to do is create several LineStyles for each possible elevation (one for 280, one for 290, one 300, .. , one for 670) and add it using AddCustomLineClass and then go through every contour (543) and setting each one's FeatureClass according to the elevation.

The problem is after doing all that, these FeatureClasses are stuck in Global Mapper. So if you open another instance of Global Mapper, you see the created FeatureClasses. I see myself running out of possible custom classes i can add.

Is there a way to delete the custom feature classes that I have added?
Better still, is there a way for me to achieve my goal without going through the whole process of creating new FeatureClasses?

Thanks in advance for your time and response.


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    I would just set the drawing style of your individual features rather than creating new classifications for each height. Just spin through all of the line features in the layer and use the GM_SetLineFeatureDrawStyle function to set a custom draw style for a feature independent of the type. Then you can just leave the lines as the built-in contour type, but render them with whatever style that you want.

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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