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I can not seem to find a possibility to print in batch. I have x-number of images and I want a script to run through each one of them and print each file on A3 to the default printer with a customised header / footer. Is this possible or is there some other way to do this?

Also - is it possible to make GlobalMapper split the print area for instance into more pieces. For instance say Instead of one A3 you want to print the selected area on 4 x A4 papers or 4 x A3 instead.

UPDATE: And Print - Print to file - gives you an option to choose the output file. However when pushing OK the printer dialogue will come up, and it will not print to file. An option would of course be to implement this print to file option in batch mode, and then choose another software to just print the files afterwards


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    There is not currently any way to do a batch print job from Global Mapper. I would suggest doing a gridded export to some image format, then batch print those elsewhere.

    The Print to File option will bring up a printer dialog by design, that is so that when the file is generated it knows what device settings to use to configure the file output. That is where the printer selection comes in. The printer should not actually get sent a printout.


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