Calculate max elevations for each ridgetop

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Here is our dilemma: We would like height contour lines over a large area (~20km wide) at a contour interval of around 4 meters. At this interval and a reasonable simplification our file size is manageable. The problem is, at 4 meter intervals, some ridgetops and ridgelines may not be modeled to the heighest elevation possible due to the 4 meter interval. Is it possible to have a file like this where at each pinnacle for every ridgetop/ ridgeline it can automatically calculate the highest point outside of the contour interval.

For example, a ridgetop's highest point is 323 meters high but with a 4 meter contour it will appear the highest point on this ridgetop is only 320 meters high- a big difference. We can't just make the contour interval less because the file sizes would be too big for our use. Any help would be great. Heads-up digitizing each ridgetop is becoming a huge task!



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    This is not currently possible with Global Mapper. Currently only the absolute minimum and maximum within a contour generation area is calculated.

    However, I can add something like this to the todo list as I can already envision how it could be done. If you would like it done more quickly you could have it done as a custom project. Contact me at if you are interested.


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