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DWG and DXF from Adobe Illustrator

aaristar Global Mapper User
edited August 2008 in Technical Support
I'm a new user, and I love Global Mapper already. It's made my work a lot easier. But I'm in the process of georegistering a large number of maps, most of which are in SVG format. Since I didn't want to throw away the vectorisation in these maps, and since Global Mapper does not read SVG, I thought the best way to get them into Global Mapper would be to convert them to DWG or DXF files in Adobe Illustrator, and then import them into Global Mapper.

I've found, however, that Global mapper simply will not read DWF or DXF files made by Illustrator. Instead, I get an error "No data could be loaded from <filename>".

The files seem to work fine in Illustrator, and in AutoCad viewers. So I'm puzzled!


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