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grid to the currently selected area features

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I have a question regarding the new - grid to the currently selected area features – Option. After selecting this option and clicking OK, I choose the one of the attribute for naming from the drop box. Then choose between the cropping options. I then get prompted with a file name and location box. GM will not let me save without putting something in the in the name box. So I put an “x” and end up with the proper file names for each cell but they all have an “x” in front of them. Is there a way to save without putting anything in the save as filename box as you have already selected a name, or am I doing something wrong?

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    This is done to allow you to prefix the names with something that you want. If you want no prefix, just enter your filename as ".extension", like ".jpg" for JPGs. This will cause you to have no prefix before your attribute value.

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