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Global Mapper v10.00 Available - Tons of New Features!

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Global Mapper Software LLC is excited to announce the availability of
Global Mapper v10.00 at . Just
download that file and run it to install v10.00. It will install
alongside any existing Global Mapper version, so you don't have to
worry about losing what you're currently working on to evaluate it.

Numerous significant enhancements and bug fixes have been made to
Global Mapper for this release. The most significant changes are
described below:

- Added support for importing ESRI personal geodatabase (MDB) files.
- Added support for importing and exporting BigTIFF files.
- Added more control over placement of labels for point features. Now
when choosing the font to use for point features, you can also choose
where to place the label for the point relative to the point
location. An automatic setting will try different locations to try
and make the label fit.
- Added support for selecting/changing the layer that features are in
when editing existing features and creating new ones with the
Digitizer Tool.
- Added KML/KMZ Super Overlay Support! This allows working with huge
data sets in Google Earth. The option to automatically grid the data
on the KML/KMZ export dialog enables this behavior.
- Added support for creating new feature coordinates based on
distance/bearing and/or COGO values from a start location using the
Digitizer Tool.
- Added option on the Gridding tab for exports to grid to the
currently selected area features. This will create a separate export
file for each selected area feature. Naming can be done using the
display labels or an attribute of the selected area feature(s).
- Added options when editing multiple features to rename attributes
and also to copy the values of one attribute to a different attribute.
- Added new Coordinate Convertor option under the Tools menu to allow
easily converting a coordinate between any two supported
- Added ability to Search Vector Data dialog to limit your search to
the existing search results. This effectively allows you to query on
multiple attributes/values.
- Added a large collection of new available line styles to use when
rendering line features or area feature borders.
- Added option to crop a loaded raster layer to the currently
selected area feature to the Cropping tab of the Raster Options
dialog accessible from the Overlay Control Center.
- Added support for exporting loaded vector data to the MapInfo
TAB/MAP format.
- Added support for exporting loaded 3D line and point data to the
SEGP1 format.
- Made automatic collar cropping work for BSB marine charts.

All of the other numerous changes are listed in the What's New
document that is displayed during installation.

Pricing for Global Mapper v10.00 is $299 US for a new single license,
$269 US per license for 2-19 licenses, and $229 US per license for 20
or more licenses. Users with licenses for Global Mapper v9.xx can
purchase an upgrade to v10.00 for only $99 US per license. Site
license pricing is also available on request. As always, upgrades and
new licenses can be purchased from the Purchase page at

Let me know if you any problems or questions.


Global Mapper Software LLC


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