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I see that NGO1948 (Oslo) is added.
I need to use the Datum: NGO1948
And the Projection: Tranmerc and NGOI

NGOI is defined as:
NGOI,0.0 ,0.0 ,1.0,0.105701502823907, 1.01229096615671010000, 6377492.01759999990, 0.08169683121571159900,299.1528128,1

How can I add this into the right place? I can not add it under Datum since it is a Projection. So I have to use Load From File - however I do not have the PRJ file.


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    The NGOI projection is defined by selecting the Transverse Mercator projection and entering the appropriate parameter values, which are as follows:

    Scale Factor: 1.0
    Central Meridian: 6.05625
    Origin Latitude: 58
    False Easting: 0
    False Northing: 0

    Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


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