Global Mapper v10.00 Beta 1 Now Available

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Global Mapper Software LLC is pleased to announce the availability
of the first beta of Global Mapper v10.00 at . Just
download that file and run it to install v10.00. It will install alongside any existing Global Mapper version, so you don't have to worry about losing what you're currently working on.

Among the numerous significant changes in this first v10.00 beta are the following:

- Added new Coordinate Convertor option under the Tools menu to allow easily converting a coordinate between any two supported projections/datums/units.
- Added ability to Search Vector Data dialog to limit your search to the existing search results. This effectively allows you to query on multiple attributes/values.
- Added a large collection of new available line styles to use when rendering line features or area feature borders.
- Added option to crop a loaded raster layer to the currently selected area feature to the Cropping tab of the Raster Options dialog accessible from the Overlay Control Center.
- Added support for exporting loaded vector data to the MapInfo TAB/MAP format.
- Added support for exporting loaded 3D line and point data to the SEGP1 format.
- Made automatic collar cropping work for BSB marine charts.

All of the other numerous changes are listed in the What's New document that is displayed during installation.

Prior to the v10.00 release we also plan on adding several other major features, including support for ESRI Personal Geodatabase format files, KML super overlay export, and distance/bearing (COGO) input of features, among numerous other things.

Here is a temporary registration key so that you can try everything
out in the beta for 14 days:

RegName: DEMO_08112008
RegCode: 1084912711

While we plan on officially releasing v10.00 in about 1 month, for those
of you that just can't wait to purchase new licenses and upgrades to
existing licenses, you can purchase those now from
Global Mapper - Download/Purchase . Pricing for upgrades from v9 is $99 US per license and pricing for new licenses are $299
US for a single license with price breaks for multi-license

Let me know if you any problems or questions.


Global Mapper Software LLC


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    I have taken and uploaded some screenshots and made a blog post about this version 10 beta announcement. I hopefully will also add a video to the tutorials section detailing some of these new features in action.
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    Thanks for the great blog post. One correction, the new line and area BORDER styles that are available aren't new types, but new drawing styles altogether. See the attached image for what I am talking about.


    Global Mapper Support
  • PaulTocknellPaulTocknell Forum Administrator Posts: 307
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    Thanks. I corrected it.

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    Global Mapper is more than just a viewer capable of displaying the most popular raster and vector datasets. It converts, prints, and allows you to utilize GIS functionality on your datasets in one low cost and easy to use software package.Thanks for the new version.It is very useful.
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